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Specialty Chemicals

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Industrial Chemicals

Industrial Products
DBL Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of speciality products to serve the Industrial Markets including Lubricants &  Fluids market.


Advanced and basic synthetic products primarily for chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Institutional Products

Green Materials & Additives
Leading provider and distributor for the innovative solutions, advanced materials & additives industries. We use the most sustainable and cost-effective solution for addressing the plastic waste and carbon emissions problem by using remanufactured products from recycled scientific plastics

Maintenance Products

Personal Care
Innovative solutions provider and distributor of ingredients and application solutions in personal care, fragrance markets.

Home Care & Industrial Cleaning
We offer a comprehensive range of surface cleaners, and specialty additives for the Home Care & Industrial Cleaning sector.


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Featured Products


Streak Free Premium Glass Cleaner

Non-ammoniated formula is designed to quickly and effectively remove dirt, grease, grime and other contaminants without streaking.


Fire Fighting foam

Effective AFFF 3% – 6% liquid to extinguish fires quickly and to keep fires from re-ignition. Use for class A & class B fires. Not for alcohol.


Fresh Scented General Cleaner

Made with renewable detergents and readily biodegradable emulsifiers. Good for you good for the environment.


Cooking Sanitizer

Quaternary ammonium compound 10%. Designed for economy, this product is used at only 1oz to 3.5 gal. Water to effectively sanitize non-porous surfaces, such as cooking utensils and glassware.

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